Social video and event advertising

Meeting a client's goal.

A local event marketed as the "Hottest Fest in the Midwest“ featuring spicy food, samples, competitions and rides challenged our team to create a plan that would help organizers attract 2,000 attendees from across the region. In addition to ticket sales, the event sought to increase day-of, on-site vendor sales. 

Strategy - Social Video

Social  video creates pre-event "hype" around community gatherings.  Our team crafted engaging and attention grabbing visual creative that peaked interest, which was vital to creating a buzz as this event that was returning to the community after a hiatus due to the pandemic. The video ads were targeted at social users within a 30 mile radius of the event city with interests and behaviors of  Entertainment, Food, Foodie, Fun, Sauce and Parties in their algorithms. 


Over 3.5 weeks of the campaign: 

- 1.1 million impressions were served 

- 6,300 clicks to the website brought interested viewers to find more information and buy tickets. 

- 2,046 tickets sold  

- The client reported post-event that on-site sales were up 12% that weekend. 

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