Targeting a digital audience

Understanding the client's goals

The client, a program focused on continuing education for those 50+ within a higher-education institution, came to our team with two challenges:

- Increase awareness of their programs and offerings within the community – targeting those with a passion for learning and touting the hybrid attendance options. 

- Grow the program's seminar registrants to capacity with an additional 100-120 signups each semester.

A digital approach

The team put together a wrap-around plan for the client using Cox First Media Display, Premium Display, Programmatic Display, Device ID Geofencing and Search Engine Marketing.

The combination aimed to bring awareness, traffic, and conversions for the client and the campaign was strategically timed around the program's open registration periods.

Results - A new audience reached

- The SEM campaign was exceptionally strong with a 27.63% CTR and 38 conversions leading up to the first registration period.

- Targeted Device ID geofencing around local gyms used by the 55+ community and senior centers showed high ad engagement with the target audience and produced more than 200 clicks.

- The client also reported that the campaign drew in a in younger audience for registrations than their typical attendees, which provides longevity for the program overall.

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