Data-driven results

Digging into the goals

A long-term client has continually trusted our team to use the best strategy possible to increase the quantity and quality of leads for their business.

Their annual focus is to surpass prior year's sales and continue revenue growth & profitability in the market. 

Expanding the strategy

The client's past annual campaigns have included a mix of search, social and Cox First Media display to reach regional homeowners interested in home remodeling. Because of the past year's success, the company trusted our vision to expand their digital reach with the addition of budget used to create a Local SEO campaign with the goal to increase local leads.  The client started small and as the campaign performed well, increased their spend as they saw results. 


Securing new business in the sales funnel and garnering more than:

- 7 million + impressions

- 50,000 + clicks

- 180 + lead conversions 

- Client data that sales are up YOY

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